The Healthy Pregnancy Seminar

When you are newly pregnant, it can be very confusing to navigate what to eat and what to avoid. Every mother wants to make the best choices for their growing baby and there can be a lot of conflicting information.
Wanting to do everything perfectly can lead to overwhlem. This was especially true for me after multiple miscarriages and working so hard to get pregnant in the first place— I wanted to do everything perfectly.

Spoiler Alert:

There is no such thing with perfection
and pregnancy eating!

BUT by learning the basics of what to include and what to avoid, I learned to enjoy the process, heal major morning sickness and was able start listening to my cravings (and enjoying food again!).

The Healthy Pregnancy Seminar takes the guesswork out of eating for pregnancy so that you can know the facts of what to include and what to avoid and enjoy your food!

Here’s What You Will Learn:

  • How to use the science of epigenetics to support your baby’s development and food preferences later in life.

  • How many calories do you really need?

  • • How to balance blood sugar to avoid gestational diabetes

  • Why protein is your best friend in pregnancy

  • How to use food to meet your nutritional needs

  • What foods you should avoid

  • Key nutrients to support pregnancy

  • The negative impact of environmental toxins and how to clear them from your environment.

  • How to troubleshoot 1st trimester symptoms naturally including: morning sickness, heartburn, constipation.